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Perscription Drug Assistance

MedCare United is a charitable pharmacy that provides low‐cost prescription medications to Oklahomans who are uninsured, under‐insured, or in need. Eligibility is based on income and requires an application. MedCare United is located on the OU Medical Center campus in Oklahoma City, but prescriptions can be mailed to you for a small fee. It is best to allow plenty of time before your medication runs out to order. For more information, call (405) 271‐6278

Peoples Health Express offers a free discount program for prescriptions. This program is open to everyone by simply visiting the link below for the necessary code and entering your information to obtain your discount card. The website can then be used to find the cost of the needed medication and local pharmacies that accept the discount program. If you have insurance coverage for your prescriptions, they may be less expensive with the discount program, but you must use either your insurance or the discount.

Additionally, the Epilepsy Association of Oklahoma offers assistance with seizure medications if you cannot afford them. Call (405) 271‐3232 or visit for more information.

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